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Join us in celebrating the elimination of America’s Public Enemy Number One by our Co-Founder Robert J. O'Neill.

On May 2, 2011, our own Robert J. O’Neill and his Navy SEAL Team 6 brothers took out the world’s most heinous terrorist with three shots to the head in Operation Neptune’s Spear. To commemorate this historic event each year on its anniversary, Armed Forces Brewing Company will pay tribute to this historic event with a special limited release of “Neptune’s Beer”– a 12% ABV Thrice Bock that is sure to remind you with a bang how great our Veterans and troops are. You can join us as an owner of our patriotic company and help us employ Veterans to make great American beer. Click the Invest Now button, fill out the forms, and not only own shares of our company, but get some killer perks today including having exclusive investor access to Neptune’s Beer before we roll it out nationally in 2023!


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Neptune's Beer

Neptune’s is a “Thrice Bock” – a unique beer style created by Armed Forces Brewing Company’s award winning brewmaster, Bob Rupprecht. Thrice Bock is a rich and warming dark lager weighing in at 12% ABV, an all-malt beast. It pours with a tan head over a mahogany liquid, riddled with ruby red highlights. It’s all about the malt – three times that of your average beer. Notes of caramel and dark fruit swirl in a sea of liquid bread. Just a touch of hop bitterness balances the toasty sweetness, its aroma muted by the extended three-month lagering time.


Building Our Brewery Together

We plan to use your investment to brew great beer and grow our brand and distribution. To date, we have been contract brewing, a model we will soon outgrow. We plan to eventually acquire an existing brewery or build our own facility. We plan to build a team to scale Armed Forces Brewing Company across the country, and eventually internationally as well.

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Real Stock and Some Killer Perks!

When you invest, you receive real stock in our company – one share of Class C Non-Voting Common Stock for every $10.00 you invest. But there’s more. In addition to owning equity in our company, we give you special “perks” depending on the amount you invest. Check out the great additional benefits of owning stock in Armed Forces Brewing Company here.


The Future Of Armed Forces Brewing Company

Armed Forces Brewing Company is an early-stage company that plans to grow into the biggest and strongest company we can, to make your investment as valuable as possible. We want you to invest and come along for the ride with us, but if you are looking for a stock you can buy today and sell tomorrow or in the near future, this investment is not for you.


Why Does Armed Forces Brewing Company Need Personal Information When I Invest?

We wish we didn’t have to ask for your private information, but we have some legal responsibilities and requirements. As an investor, we hope you understand that following these rules is very important to all of us at Armed Forces Brewing Company to make sure we can grow into the company we all want to be, with you along for the ride, and without any problems from governmental authorities. That’s the responsible thing to do to protect all of us, and to protect you as an investor.

Here’s what we need from you to comply with the law, in addition to the information you would have to give any online company you wanted to do business with:

  • Your date of birth and social security number or other national ID number.
  • Your income and net worth.

Want To Be A Part Of Armed Forces Brewing Company?

Read the formal legal offering documents we filed with the SEC by clicking here or downloading the Offering Circular here.